RotoSolutions, Inc. your complete source for rotational molding.  Specializing in a variety of custom products for such industries as marine, recreational, automotive, medical, wastewater, construction, fuel transportation, lawn and garden, as well as many others.  The Rotational process offers tremendous flexibility both in design and production.  This unique process makes it possible to design virtually any shape, size, and/or color.  The possibilities are endless!

We pride ourselves in being able to offer products that are customized to your liking.  RotoSolutions can quote requests for short run prototypes to high volume production at a competitive price.  We will also ship direct to you or your customer with on-time deliveries made to meet your critical production needs.  As you know, RotoSolutions is dedicated to continual growth with both our business and customer relationships and great customer service.

Here at RotoSolutions, Inc. you have the capability to get your product the way you want it.  We will work with you from product development, design and engineering to production, whether you need molded in threads, inserts, spin welds, ribbing, surface textures, lettering, or permanent graphics. Or you may need your part foam filled for insulation, flotation, or sound baffling. We also have a secondary area for finishing, assembly, trimming drilling and individual or bulk packing.

I would also like to mention that we at RotoSolutions thrive on the reputation as being one of the leaders in low cost manufacturing.  Please contact us for a quote on molds and products that might suit your needs.

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